Monday, April 2, 2012

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I know the Bulls got worked last night. Not coincidentally, it was also April Fools Day yesterday. Somebody forgot to give Russell Westbrook the memo, and the entire nation of Turkey was humiliated. We'll see OKC in the Finals and it won't be a joke.

"The West Coast"

The Rap Blogs' Wet Dream aka Kendrick Lamar dropped his latest track, "The Recipe", today. Add in the assist (although I'd bet a Section.80 album that Kendrick wrote the verse) from Dr. Dre, and I'm surprised the Internet didn't break this morning. It's a nice track, perfect riding music. I'd rather have seen something comparable to "HiiiPower", though. Listen for yourself up top.

"Charles Burnett"

Kellyn brought Killer of Sheep to the crib over the weekend and, while I've yet to watch it, I'm geeked about delving into Burnett's filmography. Maybe I've just been living under a rock, but I'd gather that Burnett isn't as widely known as other filmmakers. That's for a reason, and it's not because his work sucks. Just like with Precious Knowledge, I'm more than willing to share.


While he admits that "race is a factor in the administration of justice in this country", Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn should've taken a sick day today. A furlough, whatever. Anything but write "What if Trayvon Martin had been white?" The crux of his argument is that, instead of demanding Zimmerman be jailed amid what, to Zorn, is insufficient hard evidence, we should call for a higher standard of justice in all cases. Would we be in support, he asks, if FOX News was leading a call for justice for a white Trayvon murdered by a black Zimmerman? I don't know man, ask OJ. The entire column is asinine because, as it stands today, the law enforcement apparatus is designed to protect the interests of hegemony; whiteness being inseparable from said interests, and non-whiteness being separated from those interests at all costs. If you believe for a second that a black Zimmerman could shoot down a white Trayvon, admit it, and be questioned by police without ever being taken into custody, then you're as deluded as Mr. Zorn.

"Jhene Aiko"
Thank you, FMO. Thank you.

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