Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/4/12


Before we get started, there's something very important to handle. The Collective, Coalition of Colors, Benjy and the Angry Darkies, whatever you want to label it, many of you know that there's been a serious push at the student level to get the university to commit to structural changes in how it fosters true diversity and inclusion. Well, by month's end, university leadership will receive this petition (click the picture too) signed by thousands of students calling for those changes. Please take the time to read the initiatives and, if you're vibing with them, sign. If you think Northwestern is fine the way it is, that's perfectly okay. I will say though, it sucks to be on a losing team.


The Lady Bears dominated last night's NCAA Women's Championship. To be honest, I would've much rather seen Skylar Diggins-Wright get to cut the nets down, but Britney Griner and her squad were too much. They went 40-0 this year. That shit is insane; to completely dominate Division 1 college basketball for 40 games, it's pretty mind-boggling. I'm looking forward to seeing hearing about Diggins and Griner in the WNBA.

"Electric Wire Hustle"

Getting put on to new music is one of the biggest rushes for me. Again, I owe countless hours of future enjoyment to The Smoking Section for introducing me to New Zealand trio Electric Wire Hustle. I won't describe their sound any further than "great music". Hit the pic for your free download, although the hypocrite in me wants you to buy their 2009 album Every Waking Hour.

"The Man"

Speaking of free downloads, the MPAA is reportedly now moving the attack on filesharing sites to outlets like Mediafire, Fileserve, and several others. Megaupload was the first and most prominent of the bunch to get the e-death penalty. It was only a matter of time before the war hit the Web, but I'm not too worried. Resistance has never been completely wiped out.

"The Universe"

This is it, apparently. In atlas form at least. When it comes to things like this, I don't really feel too strongly in either direction. I don't believe humans have the capacity to ever understand the scope, workings, etc. of the universe. That way, I can enjoy pretty pictures like this for all that they are: pretty pictures.

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