Friday, April 6, 2012

Daily Top 5 >>> 4/6/12


It's finally back. If you're a Chicago fan, enjoy it while you can. Won't be any postseason ball getting played on either side of the city in 2012. That's all I really have to say about this. I'd rather focus on positive things, like Bulls basketball and Eva Mendes.


Supplementing the diversity and inclusion movement at Northwestern, a video blog just launched today. "NU Collective Stories" is a digital safe space, where any and all students can share their experiences - positive or negative - socially on campus. Check it out here, and feel free to tell your story. It's valuable.

I actually don't like this word. It's just a euphemism for "shit that happens that people can't control". But sweet Jesus look at this picture! It's basically the Northern Lights on steroids via an intense solar flare that hit our atmosphere last month. Not PhotoShopped at all. Seriously.


Raise your hand if you went to Chicago Public Schools. Now keep your hand up if you actually ate those science experiment-ass lunches. That's what I thought. And most of us got 'em for free too. I'm glad this "pink slime" controversy is buzzing, because it's exposing just how few fucks CPS gives about the health of its kids. A huge number of schools, even new ones, don't even have kitchens. Just ovens where they heat up the Preferred Meal Systems (the home page picture says it all) poison. Props to CPS for getting rid of LFTB, the main chemical in the pink slime "beef", but there's still much work to be done.

"Amanda Bynes"

Remember the cute little kid from All That!? She got pinched on a DUI. And no they weren't targeting her because she's a celebrity. She side-swiped a cop car while trying to pass. Hilariously sad. *Aside* What is wrong with her face? It looks like she's permanently recovering from surgery.

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