Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/10/12

 Chris "Birdman" Andersen of the Denver Nuggets might be screwed. An investigation involving child porn - among other things - came to a head today and his crib got raided. Andersen hasn't gotten arrested yet, but if he's guilty it's a wrap. 6'10" or not, child porn lovers aren't too popular in prison. Via TBL.

Future loser Mitt Romney had to publicly apologize today for bullying a kid in 1965 while in high school. While I'm sure its nice for the victim to see this, I'm annoyed for two reasons. I'll tread lightly, though. I saw what happened to Chet yesterday. First off, Romney couldn't have been less sincere in his apology. He probably didn't even remember the guy's name until the report came out. He's trying to win an election and bullying kids, even 47 years ago, ain't kosher. What irks me more is the fact that this guy gets the official Mitt Romney apology. How about the dozens and dozens and dozens of people he had to exploit in order to build his $250+ million fortune? Or the entire state of Massachusetts for cutting state aid to cities by $700 million while he was governor?

"The NBA"
I love the NBA, at least the product it puts on the floor. The organization? Not as much. David Stern has done a lot of good for "the game", but I can't really ride with the age-minimum requirement. Especially the talk of increasing it to two years out of high school. If somebody feels confident enough in their talent to try to get drafted right out of high school, and if teams are confident enough in that player and their scouts to take a shot on him (drafts are two-way interactions, remember this), then that kid should be able to get drafted. The crooked-ass NCAA shouldn't be guaranteed the best talent in the nation for one or two years. Why do you think kids were skipping college in the first place? Probably has something to do with the fact that all they get is free tuition and white women for their talent while profit-mongers and universities enjoy billions in profit. It's capitalism, right? Then let the market work.

Again, the D comes through with beautiful music. Rebirth of Detroit drops June 12. Two dozen tracks, the city's best MCs, all over unreleased Dilla beats. Couldn't ask for more. Above is the single, "Jay-Dee's Revenge" from Danny Brown. Pre-order here.


This is the cover of the newest TIME Magazine. Shorty has to be at least 3 years old sucking on that titty. Or maybe he's only like 18 months and that's the whole thrust behind the cover story. "'Attachment parenting' (whatever the hell that means) can help you grow giant children." *Aside* Is it bad that this, uh, parenting decision makes me think the mom is probably a freak?

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