Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/15/12

So Derrick Rose had he knee surgery on Sunday, and the doctor gave his forecast for the franchise's recovery: 8-12 months. This doesn't really mean anything. One, because a 4-month range is so big that you may as well say "eventually". And two, because, well, what the hell do you expect the doctor to say? Even if it was true, he couldn't come out and be like "Yeah, Derrick's knee is FUCKED up." Conrad Murray would be a success story compared to what would happen to this guy. So, as a Bulls fanatic, I'll just have faith in modern medicine and Rose's crazy work ethic. He'll be back. Different maybe, but better.

"Freddie Gibbs"
When it comes to the MCs regularly releasing music today, Gibbs is my top pick. Him or ElZhi (I categorize K.R.I.T. differently because he's a master producer as well). Flip a coin. Which is why I'm so distressed to hear his latest track "LeBron Shit". Not because it's named for NBA Darth Vader, but because it sucks. Sure there are some lines, but the beat is atrocious; it completely limits Gibbs' ability to switch flows and rhyme schemes. The funk is completely absent. I hope this is just an anomaly, and Gangsta Gibbs returns to form ASAP.

As you can see and feel, Chicago summer is in full effect. So get in shape. If you're too lazy busy to go to the gym, peep this routine via LifeHacker.

Students up there have been striking against tuition hikes, education privatization, and general austerity since March. Really striking. Like not going to class and taking to the streets instead, so much so that they've lost a semester's worth of credit. They've also effectively shut down Quebec's post-secondary education system. We could and should learn something from them.

"Tim Duncan"
There's an interesting piece on The Smoking Section today asking whether Tim Duncan has a case as the best player of the post-Jordan generation. Timmy has been touted as the greatest power forward of all-time, and I agree. Four rings, three Finals MVPs, and a career of 20-10 seasons backs that up. Plus he's never committed a foul. I can't put him over Kobe though. Not only is he the best, he's also the realest. Despite getting broke for $150 million.

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