Thursday, May 17, 2012

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/17/12

"Tipping Points"
Shouts to Prof. Hesse for emailing this article. We've been hearing the "by 2050, the country will be majority minority (???)" talk for a decade now. At least I have. Well the U.S. Census just announced something "official" that brings that closer to reality: white births are no longer a majority in this country. 2050, hopefully, is within all of our lifetimes, and so we'll live to see a United States that the Founding Fathers never planned on. What happens when white folks are no longer the majority? What will that mean if we stay on the trajectory we're currently on (out of control prison industrial system, wage slavery, extreme residential segregation, total Eurocentricity of our mass media and mainstream entertainment)? Will we continue to remain politically timid, or will non-Europeans use their numbers to change the course of their history in the country they built? Will the system even exist in the way it does today? What will the white pushback look like? We'll see. In the meantime and between time, we should make the necessary changes now. It might not be too pretty come 2050.

"The Boondocks"
One of the few shows that makes me miss my TV is coming back for a 4th season. Thank you, Mr. McGruder. 

 "9th Wonder"
The legend himself just released a huge compilation of instrumentals, Tutankhamen. For the free right here, via Rappamelo.

Here's an interesting piece from Hypebeast on the historical similarities between hip-hop and punk rock. I'm in a rush so I won't write too much about it, but if you read it and want to chop it that.


I'll never understand why people feel the need to fuck with animals that can and will eat them. Evidenced by his homeboy on the right side of the screen, scientists must not really believe in human superiority when it comes down to it. When that gator woke up, dude chucked deuces in a hurry.

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