Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Daily Top 5 >>> 5/2/12

"Junior Seau"
Not gonna speculate about why he put the gun to his head today and pulled the trigger. Just want to send my condolences to the friends and family of a great player. Used to watch him lay fools out when I was young. RIP.

As much as I clown Detroit for being Detroit, I cannot deny that a lot of my favorite music (in any genre) comes from the Motor City. If you know Detroit music/hip-hop culture, you're probably familiar with the name House Shoes; producer, influencer, promoter extraordinaire. If not, download his The Makings Part 2 now. Hit the pic. Via The Smoking Section.

"The Asian NU Project"
Propers to The Asian NU Project for an incredible event last night at Hardin Hall. Just one of many events to come during Asian Pacific American (sorry no hyphen, MJ) Heritage Month.

"Big K.R.I.T."

Should be an automatic listen at this point. "I Heard It All". Live From The Underground coming June 5th.

Another Smoking Section contribution. Three former freaks discuss the Kim Kardashian-Ray J ("Ray J who?) sex tape. Quotables on quotables.


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