Monday, June 4, 2012

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/4/12

"The Red Line"
From Spring 2013 until the transit rehab project is complete, the entire southern leg of the Red Line will be closed. From (not sure whether this is including Cermak or not) Chinatown to 95th Street. No service. Estimates for the closure's length are at about five months, which is CTA for "nine months". The South Side is already under-served when it comes to public transit, and this is essentially a quarantine. We all know that the rehab will be behind schedule, meaning that kids will have to use shuttles to and from the Green Line to get to school. Aside from the massive inconvenience this is for the less privileged, it also runs a very real risk of dropping thousands of students into unfriendly gang territories. Officials are saying that this total closure option is more cost-effective than the "weekend construction" alternative and ensures a shorter build time, but they fail to acknowledge how critical the Red Line is to South Siders. We don't have Brown and Purple line fallback options, nor do we have cab fare. The Red Line is literally the only train serving over a dozen neighborhoods. Somehow, the CTA is attempting to spin a half-year shutdown as something other than a complete disaster. Hopefully the community pushback if and when the closure starts will lead discourse to why the South Side is so underserved in the first place.

"Jay Electronica"
Rap's enigma rarely puts out any material. That's been his M.O. for years now. People have attributed it to laziness, Erykah Badu, social disorders, etc. But, the truth always comes out in the end. Instead of dropping tracks, Jay Elec has been dropping the drawers of an heiress to the Rothschild banking fortune. If anybody in the rap game has seen some Illuminati shit, it's Jay. Much respect.

On August 7, the state Supreme Court will decide on whether Detroit residents can vote to pass legislation legalizing weed for recreational use. There are some caveats - 21+, a 1-ounce limit, and only partaking on private property - but this is incredible. After 40 years of losing, Detroit might break the streak.

"Chicago White Sox"
Admittedly, despite my fanaticism, I went into this season with modest hopes. Didn't want to hear any of that "rebuilding year" garbage, but I would've been happy with a competitive run at the division-favorite Tigers. Well, thanks to rebound years from Dunn and Rios, de Aza's command of the leadoff spot, and great pitching from Chris Sale and Jake Peavy (among others), the Sox have taken control of the division. I know this is a basic, general-ass post, but as a lifelong fan I savor first-place baseball for what it is.

"Big K.R.I.T."
I cheated and bookmarked the NPR-provided stream of Live From The Underground last week, and I haven't stopped listening to K.R.I.T.'s debut since. Impeccably sequenced and so richly produced. I pre-ordered my copy on Friday and I advise you do the same. There won't be a better summertime album this year.

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